Burning Glass / Choral Tradition / Harwich Shanty Crew - Traditional Music, Old and New
Burning Glass  
Multi-instrumentalists Mick Verrier, Penny Verrier, Zoe Munson, Edward Munson and Emily Verrier offer an exciting and vibrant repertoire featuring songs and tunes, new and old, across a range of traditional styles and genres. 
Mick: vocals; guitars (6-string, 12-string and bass); mandolin; mandola; accordion; concertina; piano 
Penny: clarinets (Bb, C and Bass); recorders; whistles 
Zoe: flutes
Edward: guitar; cornet
Emily: vocals; guitar
Burning Glass are available in different combinations (duos upwards) for concerts, folk club performances, ceilidhs, parties, weddings and workshops - we are presently working on the details of the next series of Winter Workshops, which will take place from November 2011 to April 2012.
Traditonal and contemporary folk songs and tunes from England, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia and a few other places... and some original material written by Mick.
Mick is also an established composer and workshop leader in the "shape note" tradition (see the Choral Tradition and Publications pages).
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